Zenkai Cup November 2022

Zenkai Cup November 2022

Zenkai Cup


Take part in the Zenkai Cup November 2022 to win exclusive prizes.
The Zenkai Cup November 2022 is an event open to all Dragon Ball Super Card Game players.

Event Type:


Format: Costruito Extended

To participate in this event, each participant must be equipped with:

- a tournament legal Dragon Ball Super Card Game deck;
- a smartphone connected to the internet with the dbs-cardgame.it app installed (a Wi-Fi connection will be made available at the tournament venue);


Deck List Required

You will need to have the Play ID and use the Deckbuilder from the Player Area of ??the site to create and submit your list before the tournament starts.
In case you don't have a Play ID, you can create it by clicking HERE.


Information and Schedule:

Sunday 20th November 2022

Registration: Online Registration with Instant Payment

  • Sunday 20th November 10:00 a.m. >>> Player Briefing and Tournament Start.


Entry Fee:

 - Basic Registration: 25,00 euro (Includes 1 Participation Card, 5 Championship Pack Vol. 32 Zenkai Series Pack Vol. 1).










Tournament Structure:

The tournament takes place in a number of Swiss Rounds based on the number of participants with Best of Three Matches with duration of 70 minutes.

After the Swiss Rounds, there will be the Final Standings: there will be no Single Elimination Playoff



TOP 64: Cell, Awakening of the Created

TOP 32: Bardock, Inhereted Might

TOP 8: Rush Attack SSB Vegeta  

2nd Place: SSB Son Goku, Evolved Defender

1st PlaceSSB Son Goku, Evolved Defender SS4 Gogeta, the Ultimate Fusion







Hotel Conventions:

Hotel San Marco 

Hotel rates per one night 

Single Room € 60,00;
Double Room € 73,00;
Triple Room € 90,00;
Quadruple Room € 110,00;

The rates in question include breakfast. Tourist tax excluded.

You are recommended to contact the Hotel San Marco by phone at the number dedicated to reservations +39 0521 615072 or by email at info@hotelsanmarcoclub.it to take advantage of the agreement in question.





Elenco Organizzatori

Data Formato Sede Torneo Indirizzo Regione
20/11/2022 10:00 Constructed Extended Hotel San Marco Via Emilia Ovest 42 43015 Ponte Taro (pr) Emilia Romagna Contatta Risultati

Giocatori Pre-Registrati

1 04/11/2022 6700002435 ***********
2 19/11/2022 8100006763 ***********
3 19/11/2022 4900008529 Christian Eichwald
4 19/11/2022 0900001054 Claudio Roscioni